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Computer Sales & Repairs, Business IT Support, Networking & IT Services Since 1999!

PC, Mac, Laptop & Mobile device repair.

Computer Repair Services.

Our specialist computer technicians can diagnose and repair a range of problems on most platforms from PC, Mac, laptops, desktops, servers and mobile devices.

Once our technicians have successfully diagnosed the problem we'll be able to provide you with a free, no obligation, 'no pressure' quote to do the computer repairs for you.

Some technical work can be completed on-site in your office; often with repairs completed on the spot!

Complex repairs are completed in our office, although our turn around times are usually fast.

Desktop Computer repairs.

We've been repairing, upgrading & optimising desktop PC for years!

Technology has changed over the years, although you can be assured that your well-loved desktop PC that is slow or misbehaving, may actually become the best computer you've ever owned!

Desktop Computer Repair

Desktop computer repairs

Laptop repairs.

Tech Heads offers specialised repair services for all brands of laptops.

Whatever the problem, we have a big range of parts available, the skills and knowledge to get the job done for you quickly and professionally.

Laptop repairs

Laptop computer repairs

Some common laptop repair services include:

  • Replacing a cracked laptop screen.
  • Installing a new keyboard.
  • Replacing or upgrading internal hard drives.
  • Replacing your DVD drive with a 2nd hard drive.
  • Software upgrades & repairs.
  • Replacing a failed laptop motherboard.
  • General laptop repairs & upgrades.

Our skilled technicians can manage your laptop repair from start to finish.

We recommend you take advantage of our free system assessment, to give you the best IT advice to suit your needs.

Phone, tablet & mobile device repair.

Tech Heads can handle repairs to a big range of mobile phones, tables & other various devices.

We commonly accept these type of repairs via our mail in service, although please contact us to organise for same day in-person repair.

If the device is your primary mobile phone (i.e. broken iPhone screen), then we can collect it on-site from your home or office; fix it and then deliver it back to you same business day!

Mobile device repair

Mobile device repairs

Apple Mac

Some common repairs include:

  • Repair or replace iPod or iPad screens
  • Networking unlocking services
  • General repairs & fixes
  • Water damage to phones

Please call us or contact us to discuss your problem and how we can help you.

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