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Professional Virus & Spyware removal services.

We at Tech Heads are enormous advocates of virus prevention, and advise everyone to keep their anti-virus service up to date.

Even with proper virus protection in place, it's still important to choose the sites you visit carefully; don't open any email attachments from senders you don't recognise - and especially avoid clicking any links to or from sites you don't know well or trust!

Proper virus protection will stop 95% of threats, but most packages won't stop everything and so it is important to be vigilant and careful in your online browsing.

On-site Virus Removal

Our technicians remove most viruses on-site!

Viruses range from mildly annoying (pop-ups) to extremely harmful trojans (and many, many things in the middle).

What's more, once your computer has a virus or spyware, your friends and family members' computers may be susceptible to contracting the virus as well!

Imagine, catching up with friends or family and one saying, "Hey, by the way, I received a virus through an email from you the other day!" Ouch.

If you suspect that your computer has a virus, please act quickly. Give us a call - we take viruses very seriously, and want to eradicate them from your computer as soon as possible.

We have many solutions for them and haven't had a virus problem yet that we couldn't resolve!

This service is charged at our standard technical rate of $70 per hour (GST inc.), plus call out fee and is available both onsite and by remote services (no call out fee for remote access).

Depending on the type of virus, sometimes our fixed price services (such as an operating system reload) are more appropriate and cost effective for you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your problem and how we can help you.

Tech Heads computer technicians understand the importance of the security of your documents, confidential information, online banking, etc. and can ensure that these are not compromised.

As with all of our services, for your personal security and privacy, our technicians abide by our strict privacy policy.