New position available: Mobile technical support technician.


We are pleased to announce that Tech Heads is looking to fill a new permanent part time position for a young, tech savvy, customer focused and business minded individual.

To be successful in this role firstly you'll need:

  • Reliable transportation as you'll be on-site frequently dealing with our existing customers 1-on-1.
  • Exceptional technical skills! Idealy experience with laptop or desktop PC repairs, although some training is provided.
  • Sales skills to be able to confidently give correct information about the best ways to accomplish whatever their unique IT needs require.
  • Experience with repairs and upgrades in PC, Mac, Laptop and/or Mobile devices is recommended; although the right candidate who displays exceptional skills in sales and/or customer service may be appropriate for this role. We can provide training to suit.

We deal with both business and home clients and you'll be backed up by myself with whatever you need to do your job well.

This is a grass roots position in a busy yet small business that is looking to expand, so their is a lot of good opportunities to come in the future!

The working week to start with is Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm, although we're hoping to be able to offer you more hours as you become more successful in the position and the budget allows.

You'll have the opportunity to put your real skill and knowledge to work and help build something really fantastic in Tech Heads.

Please submit all expressions of interest and resume's to us at the email address listed on the right.

Thank you,

Anthony Parker
(Tech Heads - Company director)

Employment opportunities at Tech Heads.

Tech Heads values its staff highly!

We employ a great team for various roles, technical through to customer service and administrational. We're always working towards becoming a better business and employer.

Our staff deserve the absolute best and we aim to provide professional opportunities, expert training with remuneration packages that reflect the skill level we try to bring to our customers.

IT employment opportunities at Tech Heads

Employment opportunities at Tech Heads

To be a Tech Head requires a broad knowledge of general computational tasks, great interpersonal and communication skills, some patience (occasionally) and the ability to translate well between Geek and English.

The ability to explain complex problems in simple English is a requirement for our technical staff; while still giving the best advice to our customers.

We employ to suit key specialised areas as well as solid general IT knowledge. We are more than happy to train staff that present great skills in certain areas but need more knowledge in others.

If you have specific skills in graphic design, multimedia, network administration or any of the key disciplines we provide services to our clients with; then we'd love to know more about the type of work you're interested in.

If you are interested in becoming a Tech Head and feel you have something you'd love to bring to our company; please do email us and tell us about yourself.

We'd love to see your CV, any online or digital portfolio; whatever ideas you have to present and would like to bring to our business.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the team.

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