Apple Mac repair services.

We offer a range of computer repair solutions for Apple computers.

Although first thing we recommend is to check if your Apple Mac is under warranty:

Apple warranty status check

If your Apple computer is under warranty, we recommend you go directly through Apple to have your Apple product serviced. Mostly because service parts for Apple computers are often VERY expensive.

That said, you can organise with us to complete data recovery prior sending your computer in to Apple.

Broken iMac & Apple repairs

Broken iMac & Apple repairs

If a hard drive is replaced under warranty there is a chance you may not have the opportunity to retrieve your personal data in advance.

Upon finding out that your Apple Mac is no longer under standard or extended Apple Warranty, we can provide repair services for you.

Some common repair services include:

  • Software upgrades
  • Increases your Mac's system memory
  • Performance improvements
  • Operating system reload
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Screen replacement

As with most platforms, we can generally fix most issues... please give us a call (or email) to discuss how we can help you and we'll be able to resolve your problem for you.

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