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Hacking Help

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Hacking Help

Hacking Help

Being hacked can be an incredibly difficult personal experience, potentially life changing with hundreds of millions stolen through cyber scams, hackers, phishing and social engineering in Australia, every single year.

Even experienced computer users can fall victim with hackers becoming increasingly advanced in their methods and approaches, finding ways into your accounts that you didn’t even realise were possible.

Regardless of how it happened, being hacked is not your fault and we’ll do our best to help you regain control over your digital life!

Our Hacking Help service includes support in handling:

  • Online safety auditing & review
  • Advice on dealing with personal information theft
  • Fraud and people impersonating you
  • Social engineering / phishing & scamming issues
  • Sensitive & private content stolen / shared online
  • Expertise in respectfully handling private content
  • Access to accounts removed
  • Social media credentials changed and accounts stolen
  • Bank accounts accessed / money stolen
  • Assessing a business network & firewall for potential issues
  • Multi-device support for PC, Mac, iOS (iPhone, iPad) & Android devices.
  • Improving security for your business website and email.
  • Australia-wide remote service

We have experience in handling private and confidential matters, providing advice and assistance to help people navigate through these technically complicated, yet personally stressful situations.

If your hacking incident involves confidential or sensitive data, you can see our complete privacy policy online here.

We help to resolve these situations in the best way we can, ensuring that you are personally secure and that you can not experience things like that occuring again.

Please contact us to discuss your problem so that we can give you more insight into what is happening and help you to be safe, secure & ensure your digital privacy.

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Mt computer died on New Year's eve and to my absolute horror, the external drive containing my backup stopped working.

Thanks to my fabulous nephew Anthony Parker and his company Tech Heads, all is now good! all is now good.

The lesson? Do regular backups and get expert help. Thanks Anthony!

Pam. M13/01/2014

Hey Anthony,

Just wanted to thank you for the work you did on the Laptop, it is working a treat.

The other guy had 3 shots at it and couldn't get it right.

Anyways, much appreciated. Cheers.

Richard. C05/03/2015

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your prompt and excellent service with rectifying the issues we were experiencing with our home laptop.

You picked up the lap top one day and returned it the next. Not being all that computer savvy we must admit we thought we would have been told we had to buy a new laptop or at best need to pay for a new hard drive but after checking it out, you surprised us by saying that it still had plenty of life in it and that the hard drive was working fine.

You managed to sort out all our files, cleaning out corrupt files and reloaded all our operating programs, including all our beloved photos and made it all work a lot faster. Your honesty, reliability and helpfulness was rewarding to say the least.

The fact that you ensured everything was working as before, ie printers, our emails, skype, etc, was a service we wouldn't have had with dropping it off at a store. Thanks again!

Margret. D20/02/2014

Appreciate TechHeads speedy and reliable service fixing a virus infected laptop (more than once).

Our 'go-to' for any tech issues for a number of years now.

Laura. R02/03/2022

That is just WONDERFUL news, Anthony!!!

Thank you!!! You're bloody brilliant! I am so happy that I dialled your number the other day!

Therese. A30/05/2013

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