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Remote IT Support

Professional computer repairs & IT support by expert Australian computer technicians.
Australia wide IT support, based in Ferntree Gully, South East Melbourne.

Do you have a question about your PC, Mac or Laptop?

Call our 100% Australian tech expert team on 0423 40 40 50

Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support

Through our secure remote access sessions we can provide our range of IT support services Australia wide! You can actually see everything we do and speak with us at the same time.

As a 100% Australian owned business, operated by Melbourne based, expert computer technicians who are trained to resolve your problems by addressing the actual underlying problems, quickly & efficiently.

Your problem is solved quickly, saving you money with no call out fees and we can provide you the best advice on how to solve problems in situations that we can’t get to you in person.

We’re available to suit you with 24/7 availability by appointment.


Our remote support services are sold in pre-paid hourly blocks (1 hour for personal and 3 hours for business) and are billable in 15 minute units.

They are customisable to suit your needs and feature a 12 month expiry from the date of your purchase, 24 months on 5+ hour packs.

EXAMPLE: you could purchase a 1 hour remote support block; and then contact us up to 4 times if each request were to that 15 minutes.

1 hour$125 GST inc.
3 hours$355 GST inc.
5 hours$560 GST inc.
CustomContact us for a quote
Current pricing structure for remote support service.

NOTE: You may have heard about, or even received, incoming phone calls from scammers trying to gain access to your computer, files and account details.

Our technicians abide by a strict privacy policy in regard to handling your personal information, and your privacy & security is guaranteed.

We strongly recommend you DO NOT grant anyone access to your computer unless you know who you are dealing with; and they are a certified professional with whom you’ve employed specifically for your IT support services.

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I had a hard drive which was badly damaged and Anthony was able to retrieve 99.9% of the data.

Anthony's service was very helpful, responsive & prompt - I would highly recommend Tech Heads for any data recovery & IT work - Thanks again!

Amber. L24/06/2013

Mt computer died on New Year's eve and to my absolute horror, the external drive containing my backup stopped working.

Thanks to my fabulous nephew Anthony Parker and his company Tech Heads, all is now good! all is now good.

The lesson? Do regular backups and get expert help. Thanks Anthony!

Pam. M13/01/2014

Anthony provides a professional, efficient service and is someone you can trust with all of your tech needs. I nearly lost 6 months worth of data on my phone because I didnt back it up and all apple could do was reset my iphone.

He was able to recover all the data from my phone restoring it to before my phone had it’s hissy fit. He can definitely work magic for all your IT needs! 100% recommend him!

Nicole. B23/05/2022

Prompt service, excellent communication skills, great price. Had you build us a computer 2 years ago and still going strong..

Scott. R30/05/2013

That is just WONDERFUL news, Anthony!!!

Thank you!!! You're bloody brilliant! I am so happy that I dialled your number the other day!

Therese. A30/05/2013

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