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Virus, Malware, Trojan & Cryptolocker Removal

Professional computer repairs & IT support by expert Australian computer technicians.
Australia wide IT support, based in Ferntree Gully, South East Melbourne.

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Virus, Malware, Trojan & Cryptolocker Removal

Virus, Malware, Trojan & Cryptolocker Removal

Tech Heads has extensive experience in managing virus & cryptolocker infections within business workstations, servers, networks and personal computers.

With our IT support we can help you or your business to resolve issues that have arrisen from a virus infection within your workstation or business network.

We’ve worked with personal clients that have been hacked or virus infected; and their bank has required us to inspect and verify the safety of a computer system before the bank wil reallow them access to their accounts.

Crytolocker infections are very dangerous to both business and personal customers, we’ve helped to resolve these on many occasions with various different approaches.

Common viral related issues we can resolve:

  • Removing spam / pop ups and things appearing on your computer.
  • Recovering access to stolen accounts.
  • Facilitating the ‘paying off’ cryptolocker ransoms, if you need to and choose to go down that way.
  • Improving systems and upgrading to ensure that these situations can’t occur again.
  • Removing viruses directly from workstations & home PC’s.
  • Communication with banks to confirm with their IT security policies.
  • Rebuilding systems safely to ensure viruses are gone.

Dealing with virus, trojan & cryptolocker infections is charged at our standard rates, please see the on-site IT technical support and remote IT support pages for pricing.

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Prompt service, excellent communication skills, great price. Had you build us a computer 2 years ago and still going strong..

Scott. R30/05/2013

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your prompt and excellent service with rectifying the issues we were experiencing with our home laptop.

You picked up the lap top one day and returned it the next. Not being all that computer savvy we must admit we thought we would have been told we had to buy a new laptop or at best need to pay for a new hard drive but after checking it out, you surprised us by saying that it still had plenty of life in it and that the hard drive was working fine.

You managed to sort out all our files, cleaning out corrupt files and reloaded all our operating programs, including all our beloved photos and made it all work a lot faster. Your honesty, reliability and helpfulness was rewarding to say the least.

The fact that you ensured everything was working as before, ie printers, our emails, skype, etc, was a service we wouldn't have had with dropping it off at a store. Thanks again!

Margret. D20/02/2014

Mt computer died on New Year's eve and to my absolute horror, the external drive containing my backup stopped working.

Thanks to my fabulous nephew Anthony Parker and his company Tech Heads, all is now good! all is now good.

The lesson? Do regular backups and get expert help. Thanks Anthony!

Pam. M13/01/2014

I highly recommend Anthony from TechHeads to repair, update and maintain your computer and technology.

He is amazing what he knows and has been a life saver! Totally reliable and speedy and an absolutely genius when it comes to technology.

I am so glad and relieved I know him and have every confidence in his ability to look after my computer and technology and I am so very grateful. (Wendy and David)

Wendy. B03/01/2014

I have used Tech Heads several times and Anthony has been a saviour each time (including when trying to home-school!)

I have also referred several family members who have been equally happy with the service and friendliness.

Very highly recommended - 5 stars
Thanks Anthony!

Danielle. N08/05/2022

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